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BBP11 Accessories

BBP11-C – Cutter

BBP11-SK - Stand-alone Keyboard

BBP11-U - Media Holder

BBP11-VP - Pee & Present
Celulle de prédécollement

BBP11-C – Cutter BBP11-SK – Stand-alone Keyboard BBP11-U – Media Holder BBP11-VP – Peel & Present
Article Number: 361061
Order Reference: BBP11-C
Description: BBP11-C – Cutter
QTY/UOM: 1/stuk
price: ask
Article Number: 361062
Order Reference: BBP11-SK
Description: BBP11-SK – Stand-alone Keyboard
QTY/UOM: 1/stuk
price: ask
Article Number: 361065
Order Reference: BBP11-U
BBP11-U – Media Holder
QTY/UOM: 1/stuk
price: ask
Article Number: 361064
Order Reference:
Description: BBP11-VP – Peel & Present
price: ask


BBP11 Ribbons

Width : 110mm - 85mm - 65mm - 35mm
Color : Black - Blue - Green - Red White
Formulation (dépends of the labels used) : Resin - Whax - Resin/Whax

BBP11 Labels / Tapes

coming soon ...ask


 The Brady BBP11 is a compact desktop printer which
provides high quality thermal transfer printing at a
low cost. The Brady BBP11 is an entry level thermal
transfer printer for labels, tapes, cable markers,
sleeves and much more.
Identifying your cables, devices, laboratory equipment
and many other components has never been so easy.
Traceability of company assets is an absolute must
these days, and the BBP11 provides this solution.
The BBP11 offers the best mix of high quality printing
at a low cost price. The printer does not only yield high
performance with durable and reliable output, it also
provides important savings in desk space.
This series is the ideal solution for low-to-medium
volume printing, while offering a printout speed of up
to 5 inches per second.
The standard internal ethernet port allows you to
integrate your printer quickly into any application.

Key Printer Features

Space saving design – small footprint.
Fast processor: 200 MHz.
Standard memory of 2 MB FLASH, 8 MB SDRAM and
an SD card slot for memory expansion up to 4 GB.
High quality double-walled clamshell design.
A very wide range of labels, tags, cable markers and
sleeves can be printed with the BBP11 series, thanks
to the fully adjustable sensors.
Printing up to 5” per second.
Durability and reliability.
Ethernet, USB 2.0, Serial and Parallel interfaces are
standard on the BBP11 printer
Powerful firmware: TSPL2, file manager, BASIC
programming, stand-alone programming


While the BBP11-24L in 200 DPI is recommended for
general applications, the BBP11-34L in 300 DPI offers
the perfect solution for 2D barcodes, fine text and
complex graphics.
With a free Bradysoft software (Vista™ compatible)
included, the BBP11 printer in 200 or 300 DPI is
definitely a smart investment.



Contact Information

0032 1658 9045
0032 1650 9045
Postal address
Voortstraat 49, 1910 Kampenhout, BELGIUM.
Electronic mail
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