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Electrophoresis Power Supplies 200-6000 V

  • DNA Sequencing
  • Horizontal Gel
  • Mini Horizontal Gel
  • Vertical Slab Gel
  • Mini Vertical Slab Gel
  • Isoelectric focusing
  • Electro-elution
  • Western Blotting
  • Semi-dry Blotting
Ten models to choose from
This range of high voltage power supplies from Consort meets all modern requirements for electrophoresis. There are ten models to choose from, all with the same great features, quality engineering, and attractive pricing.
Manual Operation
In Manual mode you set the voltage, current and time, and you can change these parameters during the run.
Programmable step function
Up to 9 different sets of frequently used parameters can be stored in the non-volatile memory for future recall. Simply select the corresponding program number and press RUN. Each program has 9 steps, providing a flexible multiple step function for special techniques.
Voltage Ramp
A linear voltage ramp can be programmed for any step provided the limiting power or current is not reached.
Timer & volt-hour integrator
Timer or volt-hour controlled operation is a useful standard feature on all models. The microcomputer will automatically terminate the run and sound an alarm when the count down of the selected value is achieved, or go on with an other set of parameters, when the running program recalls the next one.
Automatic recovery after power failure
Possible drop outs of the line power have no influence as the instrument will automatically continue the run for the remaining time or volt-hours.
Separate displays for voltage and other parameters
Reads voltage in 1 V steps.
Reads current in 0.1 or 1 mA steps.
Reads power in 0.1 or 1 W steps.
Buffer Depletion Detection
Constant monitoring of running parameters terminates the run in the event of abnormal changes.
Automatic cross-over
Stores up to 3600 output values.- voltage, current, and power, time or volthours.
Data Logging
Each model has constant voltage, constant current and constant power capabilities with automatic cross-over. Special limit controls indicate which parameter is kept constant.
Remote Control
Remote control from a PC via RS232 commands
User protection
The user is protected from potential shock hazard since the AC line is automatically disconnected from the high voltage transformer when a ground leakage path is detected. The instrument is fully protected against any overload condition including accidental short circuit of the output. The high voltage cannot suddenly appear at the outputs. It will always increase smoothly until one of the pre-set limits is reached.
Common Specifications
Resolution 1V, 1mA, 1W
Parameter range 0 - 100% of full scale
Timer 0 - 100 hrs (99:59)
Volt Hours 0 - 99.99 kvh
Display 2 x 4 digit Red LEDs
Programs 9 programs each of 9 steps
Outputs EV231, EV265, EV202, EV261, EV215
Outputs EV232, EV233, EV262
4 parallel outputs, 4 mm sockets
4 parallel outputs 1 x 4mm 3x 2mm sockets
RS232 (Except EV222) 9600 b/s
Ground Leakage Current 500 uA
Ambient temperature 4..40 C
Power requirements specify voltage 110 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 30 x 28 x 12 cm


Model Specification
All units have four outputs
Price $US
(Manual operation
Voltage: 3...200 V
Current: 2...200 mA
Power: 1...20 W
Min load resistance - 15 ohms
Voltage: 4...400 V
Current: 3...300 mA
Power: 1...50 W
Min load resistance - 30 ohms
(replaces E831)
Voltage: 3...300 V
Current:10...1000 mA
Power:2...150 W
Min load resistance - 10 ohms
(replaces E865)
Voltage: 6...600 V
Current: 5...500 mA
Power 2...150 W
Min load resistance - 30 ohms
(replaces E832)

Voltage: 30...3000 V
Current: 2...150 mA
Power: 2...150 W
Min load resistance - 600 ohms
(replaces E802)
Voltage: 3...300 V
Current:20...2000 mA
Power: 3...300 W
Min load resistance - 5 ohms
(replaces E861)
Voltage: 6...600 V
Current: 10...1000 mA
Power: 3...300 W
Min load resistance - 15 ohms
(replaces E815)
Voltage: 12...1200 V
Current: 5...500 mA
Power: 3...300 W
Min load resistance - 70 ohms
(replaces E833)
Voltage: 30...3000 V
Current: 0...300 mA
Power: 3...300 W
Min load resistance - 300 ohms
(replaces E862
Voltage:60...6000 V
Current: 2...150 mA
Power: 3...300W 
Min load resistance -1200 ohms

Contact Information

0032 1658 9045
0032 1650 9045
Postal address
Voortstraat 49, 1910 Kampenhout, BELGIUM.
Electronic mail
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