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Crystalgen Inc.

Product Profile


Product Name: RNAStay RNA Stabilization Solution


1. Product Description

RNA degradation is a serious problem and very hard to prevent since RNA is even

degraded in -80°C or liquid nitrogen storage. RNAStay Solution is a revolution

reagent that can stabilize and protect RNA in tissues or cells at room temperature and

thus allows users to isolate the intact RNA or downstream storage of the treated tissue

without the risk of RNA degradation . RNAStay is an aqueous, non-toxic tissue and

cell storage reagent that stabilizes and protects cellular RNA in intact, unfrozen tissue and

cell samples. More conveniently, RNAStay eliminates the need to immediately process

samples or to freeze samples in liquid nitrogen for later processing. Samples treated with

RNAStay can be used with various downstream applications including mRNA and total

RNA isolation kits such as phenol based kit or affinity binding isolation kit. Samples can

be used for histology and immunocytochemistry or continued storage in liquid nitrogen

for a long period without the risk of RNA degradation.

2. Features and Benefits

Rapid Protection Rapidly permeates tissues to stabilize and protect cellular RNA

with immediate RNAse inactivation.

Highly Quality No compromise in RNA quality following mRNA or total RNA


Stable Stabilizes samples at room temperature for up to 1-4 weeks or

Indefinitely at -20°C for archiving needs.

Safe Aqueous non-toxic solution allows downstream tissue processing

3. Protocol

a. Small organs, such as rat spleen, kidney, liver can be stored in whole in

RNAStay™ . For large organ or tissues, cut tissue samples to be stored and into less

than 0.5-0.8cm in one dimension.

b. Quickly rinse the samples with RNAStay solution.

c. Submerge the samples in 5-6 volumes of RNAStay for 5-10 min. When ready to

isolate the RNA, remove the tissue from RNAStay and process as though just

harvested. For cell storage, wash pelleted cells in a small amount of 1x PBS and add

5-10 volumes of RNAStay Centrifuge at >5000rpm to pellet cells and discard

supernatant before isolate the RNA.

4. Applications of RNAStay™

Genomic DNA from RNAStay Solution-Stored samples

DNA can be isolated from RNAStay Solution-stored samples.

Isolating protein from RNAStay Solution-stored samples.

Proteins are also preserved in RNAStay Solution. RNAStay Solution will denature

proteins, therefore, protein obtained from samples stored in it will be suitable for

applications such as Western blotting or 2D gel electrophoresis, but not for applications

that require native protein.

5. High Quality of intact RNA

RNA from a colon cancer tissue storage in RNAStay solution and

Analysised with Agilent 2100 BioAnalzer to show the integrity

(red line). The data shows that there is no degradation in integrity

6. Yield of RNA

Tissue Mouse ug/mg Tissue Rat Yield ug/mg Tissue

Brain 0.65 0.54

Embryo 2.15 1.90

Heart 0.42 0.43

Kidney 1.50 1.80

Liver 3.40 3.10

Lung 0.49 0.85

Spleen 2.40 2.0

Testicle 1.70 1.40

Thymus 2.05 1.95

Mouse and rat tissues were storage in RNAStay solution for 1 hours at 4 °C and then

Processed with the phenol based purification.

7. Guidelines for Use of RNAStay™ Solution

Before immersion in RNAStay Solution, cut large tissue samples to 0.5-0.8cm in any

single dimension.

Use RNAStay Solution with fresh tissue only; do not freeze tissue before

immersion in RNAStay Solution.

Place the fresh tissue in 5-10 volumes of RNAStay Solution.

Most samples in RNAStay Solution can be stored at room temp for 1-4 weeks

without compromising RNA quality, or at -20°C or -80°C indefinitely.

Do not freeze samples in RNAStay Solution, store at 4°C overnight(to allow

the solution to thoroughly penetrate the tissue), remove supernatant, then move to

-20°C or -80°C for long-term storage.

Plant tissues may be extended the length of time such as 20-30 minute for fully

reaction and protection.

Storage and Stability

Store RNAStay Solution at room temperature.

If any precipitation occurs, heat it to 45°C and agitate to re-dissolve it.

Disposal of RNAStay Solution

RNAStay Solution can be safely discarded down the sink and flushed with water.

Chemical reactivity with oxidants


RNAStay Solution is known to react with oxidizing agents, such as bleach. The

reaction releases toxic chlorine gas, and generate heat. If you suspect that samples

may contain bleach, work in a fume hood with adequate protective clothing and


Range of Product applications

RNAStay has been proven effective for RNA preservation in animal tissue, E. coli,

Drosophila, tissue culture cells, white blood cells, and most plant tissues.


RNase inactivation is reversible; do not rinse RNAStay Solution from samples

before using. Blot tissues with a wipe, or pellet cells to remove excess RNAStay


Order Information:

Product Cat# Packing Price $

RNAS-50 50ml 49.0

RNAS-250 250ml 179.0

RNAS-500 500ml 290.0

Contact Information

0032 1658 9045
0032 1650 9045
Postal address
Voortstraat 49, 1910 Kampenhout, BELGIUM.
Electronic mail
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